Unfortunately in Turkey politics has not been done so well for many years; because of lack of scientific infrastructure and the distance away from accountability and scaling possibilities.

Turkish politics have many problems such as political parties, system of election, political culture, political participation, and public opinion research. 

The Political Communication Institute of TASAM intends to analyze these questions with facilities of politics and communication.

In this framework Turkey’s history, culture and socio-economic accumulation should be remembered; solutions, which may be characterized as “specific to us” should be developed.


“Good governance” mean is “active governance” in democracies. First of all governance should have capacity to represent, to combine and to settle with the several benefits of public. Moreover administration should have “create politics and ability to make improvements” for active administration. 

Certainly, it is not easy to make agreement under its social aspect; and mostly administration can not make changes to get public reaction; making changes interference of governance can be result as a resistance mostly, government which refrains from reations doesn’t conclude this enterprises.

Unfortunately in our political culture disagreement has been emphasized instead of agreement. To make a concession from social understandings is perceived as a weakness. There is always a nervous tension between democracy which is an agreement regime and political culture which does not have any agreement.
In Turkey, there is a serious problem about “confidence” which is a really important fact for political culture. In society which is full of major people who not only do not trust each others but also sense of sharing is not developed alongside the feeling of living together with respect for differences. It is not possible to have a common cause and future perspectives in such a state-society setting. The lack of confidence between people effect the political arena and also it affects negatively Turkey in many years.

It is really hard to see society which is full of lack of confidence to solve the problems with hand in hand. First of all Turkey should build confidence at the societal level again.

Political Communication Institute of TASAM; adopt a mission which converts the society to a different society which solve the problems together, trust each others,  choice agreements instead of disagreements. 

Political Communication Institute of TASAM has a vision to discuss the problems of Turkish politics, to do scientific researches, to make public opinion survey, to use communications’ development opportunities in the various progress of political life, and make some studies to solve the lack of confidence.

Political Communication Institute of TASAM will continue its studies according to scientific facts and it will be equal distance for every political parties. It will never be in a same direction with any political parties or thoughts; also it will be aware of political effects and it will take its energy from scientific.

The most important effort of Political Communication Institute of TASAM is to develop Turkey’s political life in parallel with global realities and on the scientific basic, to protect Turkey’s benefits, to contribute to inform about elections.

Political Communication Institute of what and how would it make?
According to Aristotle, rhetoric is “power of using existing persuasion ways.”

In this famous literary work Rhetoric, Aristotle says “I understand rhetoric as a way of power for using persuasion way about almost every issue we face”. So rhetoric’s basic philosophy was built on “persuasion”. In order to persuasion, it needed to form “trust”. Communications basic is already founded on trust.

It is not possible for any studies which are not grounded on a confidence, to get success.  The Political Communication Institute of TASAM will be predicated on “confidence” in their communication studies and it will use “persuasion ways” which are they already have.