We can describe politics as “the profession devoted to governing and to political affairs,”  We can also describe communication as such that “it is the process of exchanging information and idea” It is the successful transmission of information through a common system of symbols, signs, behavior, speech, writing, or signals. Namely activities are used by implementing decision mechanism and politics is continued with communication. As a result of this there is a close relationship between politics and communication process.

Communication intends to join a partnership between people with using message connection, and it aims “knowledge, thoughts and attitudes of humans, to transfer these to different people and provide combination with different kind of ways in the society”. Communication, which can be described “to give the news, knowledge and culture to the public”, happens between humans and groups in a social framework.

Communication’s aim is not only “to give information”, but also it covers “orientation, persuasion and consciousness”. From this moment, the relationship between communication and politics appear as such; political parties and their representatives who want to rule the society give their messages to their target audience with using communication information.

Mass communication becomes more important with the technological development. Mass communication which has a significant responsibility in democratic system, is a tool for carrying political parties’ messages to the public, it also undertakes to control of the political system. Moreover mass communication contributes to get political information and to increase political interest. In particular, during the election period, the role of mass communication gains more importance and the messages’ percentages which are given to public are usually rose to a considerable extent. Furthermore, mass communication has a role to enhance political participation too.

Process of globalization develops and becomes widespread consistently. This process can not continue orderly without democracy; so it needs democracy within this process. Political communication is effected from process of globalization and democracy; also it has close relations with both of them. If it is not possible to continue process of globalization regularly without democracy, it is not possible to develop globalization and democracy without communication either.

The benefits of communication should be used for scientific politics. Communication undertakes serious tasks when it adopted “to direct and to organize political public thoughts” which Jurgen Habermas said before.

Communication is one of the important factors of politics. Politics does not mean so much as a single mechanism as it happen in communication. The same specialty of both of them is to communicate with the public. Politics uses communication for achievement its aims.

Political Communication Institute of TASAM plans to put politics and communication in common scientific framework; besides it purposes to contribute “mechanism of political decision” for representation of national decision.

Political parties which are one of the indispensable factors in democratic political life, have important roles to continue the political life without any trouble. When non governmental organizations are not enough to provide connection between public opinion and political system, the role political system is expanding. Due to fact that society has expectations deviates too much from the political parties.

This lack of confidence to political system and political actors should be eliminated for a more democratic Turkey; and therefore, politics should be put on a scientific basis.

“Election system and political parties” research of TÜSİAD shows that people don’t like political system a lot.

Acording to the research results, 54% of people think “political parties system is really bad way” and 30% of people think “political parties system is in a negative track”.

This research shows that public does not have a trust that political parties perform their missions. Public opinion thinks that there is no demoracy inside the parties. 84% of public imply this.
Election system is another difficulty of Turkish Political Life. The defects and faulties in election system prevent to reflect of the results to national decision perfectly. However, research results show that 79% of public opinion thinks that “election system is not satisfying voter’s demands too”.

Current political parties systems and studies will help to settle important issues in a way of being demoratic.  There are some difficulties in political system because of the faulties and deviances of political parties’ mechanism. Public opinion doesn’t trust to political parties and at the same time they don’t believe election system either. First of all political parties should destroy the difficulties in their mechanizm for destroying the dificulties in political system mechanizm too.

Political Communication Institute of TASAM thinks that finding the bacis dificulties of Turkish poitical life and showing solutions are really important investments. Primary objectives of our instutite are to honest governance our country which has a global vision and which can be a regional power, make public satisfaction, and contribute public to make them hopeful about their future.