2 Strategic Communication System

The developments in public communication methods paved way for important changes about contents and forms of massages which are communicated to public on the process the globalization. Classical communication activities are not enough to convey their messages to the right target audiences with the right methods anymore. Mass communication is being more diverse and more complicate; so target audience is broken up more.

Communication’s strategic management would solve the complicated process of mass communication. It is being involved to behave proactive instead of reactive. Its aims are to define weak points and to strengthen them, solve the problem at source instead of to research salutations before problems arise.

Strategic communication management assesses activities of messages with “Perception Management” approach also it profits from strategies of public relations’ approach.

Strategic communication approach has important status about to bring out the differences of organization or establishment in public opinion. Strategic communication, underlines the differences, and emphasizes “why they should prefer us”.

Political Communication Institute of TASAM would compose studies in a long term rather than short term. This strategy is permanent and healthy, at the same time it helps to get success. Strategic system of communication would gauge the messages’ effects on target audience, determine the percentage of perception, if there will be a wrong thought or speeches will not have enough effect, it would change this thought immediately and avert the wrong ideas which target audience can have.