3 Strategic Public Relations

Public relations have important changes in recent years; also it becomes one of the primary components of administration.

After that public relation is admitted as an administration function, and it has important role about decisions of administration.

Organizations and institutions which streamline strategic public relation approach in managment decisions get successful results to reach to target audience.

In strategic public relations practices which benefits from perception managment’s advantages, issues are analyzed in their resources with proactive perspective and the crisis situations are founded in the begining and they are took acuse.

The Political Communication Institute of TASAM to make a difference in politics with using strategic public relations.

4 Management of Corporate İmage

The process of globalization urges organizations and institutions towards a “vision” that relies on competition, a “management intelligence” that is sensitive to change, and a “management culture” that can make difference.

Today, the most effective way of creating value is to have a potent brand and corporate image. In order to be able to form a strong brand and corporate image ; making a difference, starting from the good and sevice provided, in technology, social responsibility, and quality is necessary. The only way to make this difference is to form a strong corporate image. In the political arena, corparate image management aims accurate reception of the messages of parties by public.
Political Communication Institute of TASAM will generate scientific output that will contribute to image building efforts both of parties and candidates.